Maxon Combat Shoot is getting even better. Firstly, we are going to a 12 month per year cycle. In order to provide a more consistent and higher quality experience, Maxon has integrated combat shoot into our comprehensive training catalog. We will continue to have the USPSA style courses of fire and stages will be challenging, fun and as realistic as possible.


Other improvements you will see:

  • We will continue to add more state of the art equipment and props.
  • There will be raffle drawings
  • and opportunities to challenge the Maxon staff in friendly competition for prizes and pride.
  • In order to make combat shoot a more comfortable and time efficient experience we will also be limiting the number of attendees to 40.

Maxon would like to thank Greg and Perry for facilitating combat shoot over the last several years and we wish them luck in all their future endeavors.  As a thank you to the participants during this transition, the April combat shoot is half price ($12.50). The next Maxon Combat Shoot is set for April 18th and tickets will be available through the Maxon website starting Monday April 11th.