Drawing from Concealed Carry: Tips & Tricks Seminar

One of the most important skills that a Concealed Carry License holder can spend their time and effort on learning is how to efficiently draw a firearm from a holster. Being able to shoot your carry pistol accurately is of course important, but if you cannot get it out of your holster quickly and efficiently then it does’t really matter how well you can shoot.
Learning proper holster placement, and shooting from the draw techniques, is a MUST for anyone that carries a pistol, or anyone that is looking into getting his or her CCL. This 2 hour seminar is designed to give students a thorough understanding of how to draw a pistol from a holster, and provide plenty of practice from multiple types of holsters in a safe and comfortable environment. There is NO live fire in this seminar. Drawing will be practiced using training guns, and different configurations of holsters provided by Maxon.

  • Seminar attendees will receive a voucher for 20% OFF ALL holsters and belts available at Maxon.
  • Seminar attendees will also receive a 10% OFF coupon code that can be used to sign up for our Defensive Pistol Training: Holster Skills class where you can put into practice the skills learned in this seminar with live fire on the range.

Topics covered:

  • the basic draw, broken down into easy to understand steps
  • drawing from concealed carry with different holster placements, and different kinds of holsters
  • tips for developing the muscle memory necessary to utilize these skills under pressure
  • equipment review – holster and belt choices
  • question and answer session


  • You must be over the age of 21
  • FOID card
  • Pants with belt loops
  • A belt

Cost is: $30 for this 2hr seminar

(Holsters and training guns will be provided by Maxon)


Drawing from Concealed Carry: Tips & Tricks Seminar

February 23 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm