How to Buy a Gun in Illinois

Purchasing a firearm at Maxon Shooter’s Supplies

Purchasing a firearm in Illinois can be a confusing task for first time buyers. Let Maxon take care of everything. We will walk you through the purchase process step by step. 

Required Documents:

  • Valid Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID) issued by the Illinois State Police, or IL Concealed Carry License. If you do not have a FOID, you can apply for one here: .
  • A current Driver’s License or State ID issued by the State of Illinois.
  • Your FOID/CCL or Driver’s License must have your current address on it.
  • A permanent resident card if you are not a US citizen and are a permanent resident of The United States.


  • Federal form 4473 is required to be filled out by everyone that is purchasing or transferring a firearm. Maxon provides this form.
  • Maxon requires a minimum $50 deposit on firearm purchases and enforces a strict $50 non-refundable re-stocking fee for cancelled sales.
  • Special orders are required to be paid in full at the time of order.
  • Maxon offers a 3% discount off the cost of the firearm for firearm purchases made with cash.
  • Paperwork and payment takes approximately 10 minutes.

Waiting Period:

  • The State of Illinois requires a 72 hour waiting period for handgun purchases and a 24 hour waiting period for long gun purchases. This waiting period starts when your background check is submitted to the state.


  • Maxon offers a lifetime non-transferable warranty on any new gun purchased for a flat fee of $45.

Other Important Information:

  • Every gun purchased at Maxon comes with a complimentary range pass that is good for 1 free hour of range time. This complimentary pass has no expiration date.
  • Maxon offers 10% off accessories with any gun purchase both at the time of the sale and pick up.
  • Once a gun has been transferred to its new private owner, that gun is considered used (per ATF) and cannot be returned for a full refund.
  • While federal form 4473 informs potential purchasers of the “gifting” policies regarding firearm purchase, The State of Illinois specifically prohibits gifting. You may not purchase a firearm with the intent on giving it or selling it to someone else, regardless of whether or not they are legally allowed to possess a firearm. We will not process sales that we suspect are straw purchases.

Special Order Firearms:

  • Maxon is happy to place special orders for firearms that we may not regularly stock. There is no extra charge to place a special order, however, depending on the firearm we may require you to pay the special order in full at the time that the order is placed.
  • Product fulfillment in the firearms industry can be exceedingly slow. Maxon does its best to fulfill special orders as fast as possible. If the firearm you wish to order is hard to get, extremely popular, brand new to the market or collectible you may expect to wait an extended period of time.
  • Unfortunately, Maxon does not have access to information about potential delivery dates. You can rest assured that as soon as we are able to fulfill your order, you will be notified.