SB-1657 Gun Dealer Licensing: Maxon’s owner and the NRA’s Todd Vandermyde were in Springfield for an abbreviated day of testimony before the House Judiciary Criminal Committee.  The bill did pass out of committee, but we got our licks in and won over a committee Democrat, Rep Rita Mayfield (D-60 Waukegan).  If you’re a 60th district resident, please take a moment to thank her for her support.
Your calls are being heard, and please keep them coming this week.  The house will be in session through month end, and it is unknown whether or not the bill sponsor will call it for a vote before the end of the session.  If she does, there will be a roll call. Possible outcomes:
  • 60 votes in support, and it goes to the Governor for signature or veto;
  • 46 to 59 votes, the house can postpone consideration and the bill can be called for a vote at any time in the future;
  • fewer than 45 votes and the roll call stands.

This is a terrible bill.  Maxon’s owner did an interview with Dan & Amy on AM560 last week, and the Chicago Tribune published our Op-Ed highlighting some of the more toxic elements.

Your continued phone calls to state reps are urgent and effective in defeating this bill. You can find your legislators by entering your Zip Code Here or by googling “IL State Rep” and your Zip Code.