August 20th to September 1st

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*some consignors did NOT agree to the sale, see below for a list. Gunbroker listed consignment guns are NOT included either


*Consignment Guns NOT included in the sale | Click to Expand
Log Number Manufacturer Model
6889 Browning Hipower Tangent
6892 Colt 1903 IV
6901 Colt SAA
6894 DWM P08 Luger
6890 Imez Makarov
6214 Kahr CM9
5871 Mossberg 935
6779 Mossberg 500A
6868 Ranger 30
5853 Remington R-15
6778 Remington 11
5876 Ruger Vaquero
6413 S&W Hand Ejector
6891 S&W 45 PC Recon
6893 S&W 4006 Shorty Forty
6899 S&W 629-4
6900 S&W 629-3
6747 Springfield Saint
6902 Walther P38 100YR COMM
6542 Walther PPK/S-1