Pricing and Rates


(does not include cost of parts)


Ultrasonic Deep Clean: Starting @ $60

Cosmoline Removal: Starting @ $120


Hourly Rate: $85

Machine Time Hourly Rate: $120

Minimum Charge: $25

Test Fire: $20 plus ammo

Sight Work:

Installation(Handguns): $50

Bore Sight Only: $20

Sight-In on Range: $30 + cost of ammo

Scope Mount and Laser Boresight: $50

Scope Mount and Sight-In on Range: $60 + cost of ammo

Drill and Tap Receiver for Mount: $20 per hole

Install Front/Mid-bead: $20

Install Front Sight Ramp(Brazed/Soldered): $75

Trigger Work:

Revolver: Starting @ $85

1911: Starting @ $100

Rifle Starting @ $75

Install Apex/Zev/PRP Kit: $60

Stock Work:

Drill for Sling Swivels: $25/hole

Recoil Pad Install: $80

Glass Bed Action/Barrel Channel: Starting @ $150

Barrel Work:

Recrown/Shorten: Hourly Rate

Remove Stuck Casing: Hourly Rate

Check Headspace: $30

Make Chamber Casting: $60

Thread Muzzle(AR): $140

Pin & Weld Muzzle Brake(AR): $60


Disassembly/Reassembly(All guns): $40Price Per Color: $35

Handgun Slide: $75

Handgun Frame: $75

AR Upper Receiver: $75

AR Lower Receiver: $75

AR Barrel: $70

AR Furniture(Full Set): $90

Revolver Frame: $75Revolver Cylinder: $75

Shotgun Receiver: $75

Shotgun Barrel: $65

Small Parts: $35

All Magazines: $25

Scope Mount(Air Dry Only): $40

Scope(Air Dry Only): $100

This is just a general list of the most common services offered.  We offer many more services that fall under our hourly rate.  Please call (847)298-4867 and talk to one of our gunsmiths for any further questions on pricing and lead times.