Illinois Concealed Carry Class-8hr

This 8 hour course is for those people that have already satisfied the first 8 hour requirement for IL Concealed Carry.

You will be required to provide proof of either a NRA 8 hour basic safety course, or DD214 paperwork if you are prior military.

Maxon’s 16 hour IL concealed carry course satisfies the IL state requirement to apply for your IL concealed carry permit. The first 8 hours covers basics of firearm safety, operations, and maintenance.  The second 8 hour segment covers IL law with regard to concealed carry and gives in-depth information regarding traveling with a firearm and prohibited places where you may not carry a firearm.  A 30 round qualification shoot will take place during the second 8 hour segment.  In order to take this course you should already have basic knowledge and experience with firearms. You should be able to operate your firearm safely in both a classroom and range setting. Although it is not required by the State of IL, Maxon Concealed Carry Instructors will ask that you shoot your qualification evaluation with the firearm you intend to carry in .380ACP/.38sp or higher caliber. Maxon has several firearms for rent if you do not have a carry firearm. Maxon concealed carry courses are kept to a maximum of 15 students.

You must have a valid FOID card to sign up for this course.

Cost: $150, includes range fee and required B27 target for qualification shoot.

Application assistance is available for an additional $30

Fingerprinting is not included in the cost of the course

Ammunition is available for purchase and eye/ear protection is available for rent or purchase.

Upcoming Classes: